Nourishing your skin is helping others too. Thanks to my customers, Skyezone is proud to be a continuous monthly supporter of The National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Skyezone Natural Skin Care
We cherish our beautiful Australian environment, but all too easily it can impact on our skin. Dehydration and too much sun, lead to early signs of ageing. Skin care is your first line of defence!
Skyezone products have something for the whole family, with a special emphasis on dry, mature-aged skin types. That would be me!

Benefits of Skin Care

We would like to help you look after your skin because it's the largest organ of the body and the best protection you have. Keeping your skin healthy requires a balance:
Be mindful of proper nutrition, hydration, regular exercise and sleep, which are all important in maintaining healthy body and mind.
Jennifer Elwin

How Did Skyezone Start?
Skyezone was inspired into being by my Mother Phyllis Schneider (nee Osmond)
The thought of being without her calendula & beeswax cream was the stimulus I needed to start growing herbs in 2001 and learning to distil essential oils by 2004. Over the following years I developed a family range of skin care products using my own organically grown herbs and formulations I have developed through research and feedback.

There is something quite inspirational about working with herbs and essential oils that brings focus to your inner chi and reflects positively on those around you. Making these products is a way for me to pass on the energy and enjoyment I have, and I hope my customers will continue to enjoy them for a long time to come.

Organically Grown Herbs
of our creams and many oil combinations contain Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
and Aloe. Both are used extensively in the Restore Facial Serum, and Hand Repair Lotion. Both of these herbs have excellent skin healing properties and create a silky smooth, non greasy, readily absorbed product.
They are renowned for reducing skin inflammation and irritation while promoting natural healing. Both plants have a wide range of cosmetic and medicinal uses.
100% Pure Beeswax ( sourced from Ben Hooper at Tintinara SA) is used in all creams and lipbalm because its natural properties help to enhance cream texture, improve skin suppleness & promote healing.
Other pure essential oils are selected according to their unique benefits.


Behind the scenes:
This book shows the making & development of Skyezone products.
Jennifer & Mum Phyllis
The book is dedicated to my mother Phyllis, who is currently a healthy 92yrs
Phyllis has qualifications in teaching: English, Science & Latin, not to mention a life long interest in the medicinal uses of plants. At her 9 acre property in Strathalbyn known as "Phyll's Pharm" my mother enjoys reading and hearing what her children and grandkids are up to.
See Phyll's Horehound recipe & cultivation notes
INDEMNITY & Australian Food Safety Inspection #30709
Skyezone holds Indemnity for Public & Product Liability as required for Market Stalls, and has been sucessfully assessed by the Australian Food Safety Authority ( Eastern Health Board) for the past 8 years. Notification no: 30709

Skyezone Natural Skin Care products continue to develop thanks to the enthusiasm of our customers.
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