Herb name:
 Geranium robertianum : Herb Robert
Excellent for blood & cell oxygenation

Excellent for blood & cell oxygenation and contains the powerful antioxidants: vitamins A and C

Geranium. r is simultaneously a strong antioxidant, astringent, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory.

The stems of Geranium robertianum turn from green to reddish shades and support fern-like, bright green leaves that are finely divided and that will also turn to red after the blooming period, flowers are small (half an inch in diameter), pink and five-petaled

External Medicinal Use
Used externally, Geranium robertianum tea has anti-inflammatory properties; if diluted, it can be used as an eye wash to treat swollen eyelids. Thanks to its antiseptic and antibiotic action, it is also an effective wash that can cure eczema, acne, inflammation in wounds and ease bruising. The plant is recommended against a variety of skin conditions, brewed into tea or applied directly in poultices made of boiled leaves.

Modern herbalism values greatly the tea made from Geranium robertianum aerial parts because of its anti-diarrhea, anti-rheumatic, diuretic, and astringent action.
Additionally, it acts as a strong antiseptic, antibiotic, and antimicrobial product, enhancing improved immune response to potentially harmful pathogen agents.

Another therapeutical quality of this plant is its ability to enhance the electrical activity occurring within the cells, thus boosting energy levels, increasing cellular oxygen amounts and strengthening the immune system.

Under this form, Geranium robertianum relieves pain in swollen breasts, rheumatic joints, bruises, and it stops bleeding.

Tea preparation:
The most common form of remedy made from Geranium robertianum is a herbal infusion prepared from its dried (yet not crushed) leaves and flowers. A tablespoon of dry product is enough for a cup of hot water, and after mixing the two you have to let it soak over night. After filtering the resulting liquid, scald the solid plant residues with another cup of hot water and leave it cool until it reaches the room temperature.