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Body Care Products (11 items:)

   Body Scrub: Lime -or- Lemon Myrtle
Body Scrub - Lemon Myrtle

Salt scrub for softening and clarifying the skin
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  Body Butter - Orange & Lime

Super rich body moisturizing for dry to normal skin.
  Body Butter - Lemon Myrtle

Super rich body moisturising for very dry to normal skin.
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  Body Lotion: Lemon Myrtle

Moisturize & maintain your skin, top to toe! Easy to apply lotion.
  Body Lotion: Serenity
Serenity Calming Body Lotion

Calming & Nourishing for Skin Health
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  Body Oil: Serenity
Serenity Calming Body Oil

Calming body oil for all age groups & for those seeking sleep or relaxation.
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  Body Oil: Wild Woods
Wild Woods Energising Body Oil

Exellent for massage and restoring dry skin.
  Body Oil: Secret Women's
Secret Women's Body Oil

Body moisturising / massage with Ylang, Patchouli, Rose essential oils. For Her!
  Body Oil: Spring Step Body & Foot Massage
Spring Step Foot & Body Oil

Spring Step is a skin toning, diuretic & circulation stimulating massage oil. For Body & Feet.
  Rose Perfume Roll-on

A Rose perfume that lingers all day
  Sweet Dreams Pillow & Body Spray
Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is mind calming to help you find a peaceful sleep
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