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  Bananas - dried
Dried banana

100% Natural Dried Bananas - No preservatives or additives! (Check with Skyezone for stock availability: txt or call Jennifer 0417-833-240. Normally ok year round)
  Gingko - Brahmi Memory Herb capsules 2500mg

Memory Herb, Retention, Cognition, Improve Circulation. 2500mg capsules
Out Of Stock
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18 cap's @ 2500mg $9
32 cap's @ 2500mg $15
  Gingko Leaves 100% pure, dried, powdered
Dried Gingko Leaf

To Increase Circulation & Aid Memory Retention - add powder to cereal
Out Of Stock
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  Tea: A. Everyday Herb Tea (was Herb Tonic)
Herbal Tonic Tea

'Everyday' Herb Tea is anti-inflammatory to keep colds & flu at bay & for general well being.
  Tea: B. Sleep with me!
Sleep with me Tea

Sleep with me! Tea is calming and helps one settle before bedtime, or when ever you need to relax.
  Tea: C. Tummy Soother
Tummy Soother Tea

Tummy Soother to ease the discomfort of indigestion, flatulence and colic.
  Tea: D. Lemon Verbena Aloysia citrodora
Lemon Verbena

Tea: Lemon Verbena - a true nature's pantry multi purpose medicinal! Click view to see more details.
$5.50-_____ Sorry currently out of stock, until the plants flourish again in spring/summer.