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Repair & Healing ( 8 items:)


  1. Sore Throat Spray - Lemon Myrtle
Sore throat Spray

Excellent for the relief and prevention of sore throats.
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  2. Cough & Sore Throat: Horehound Toffee
Horehound Toffee

Horehound & honeycomb toffee helps reduce: coughing, sore or dry throat, easing colds & so much more.
$6.50 per 160gm bag_____
  3. Ease Up Headache Relief
Ease Up Headache Relief

Ease Symptoms of Headache, Tension, Stress
  4. Sinus Ease
Sinus Ease

Soothing & drying for a runny / allergy prone nose.
  5. Feeling Sore! Lotion
Feeling Sore Lotion

Massage sore areas to reduce swelling and pain in muscles and joints.
  6. Sun Spot Repair
Sunspot repair Roll-on

Aid repair of sun damaged spots & flakey growth patches
$10 per 10ml Roll-on
  7. Sore Snoz, aka Super Sore Nose Balm
Sore Snoz Stick

Soothing & healing for your sore nose during allergy, colds & flu
$5 / Twist Tube
  8. Eve Thrush / Itch Guard
Eve Thrush-Guard

Stops Thrush & itching in its tracks
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