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2. Cough & Sore Throat: Horehound Toffee
Horehound & honeycomb toffee helps reduce: coughing, sore or dry throat, easing colds & so much more.

Horehound & Honeycomb Toffee
is pleasant tasting and easy to hold under your tongue as it gently melts and soothes the throat & is especially effective for chest coughs.
Brilliant to suck while exercising, or for singers during warm up. A must have for travellers to avoid a dry throat, nausea or hunger.

HH-Toffee keeps indefinitely in the fridge/freezer. Horehound, honey & peppermint all contain natural antiseptic properties.

At room temperature after 1-4 days the sections will melt together. You can melt and rescore into pieces if needed.

Skyezone.net is regularly assessed by the Australian Food Saftey Authority, Eastern Health Services SA: Approval #30709

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To make this toffee, or grow horehound here are the instructions.

Horehound Toffee
* Soothe a sore or dry throat
* To ease coughs and colds
* Aids with Travel sickness
* May reduce Hay fever allergy
* Relief for blocked sinus
* Reduce Irritating coughs
* Eases nauseous indigestion
* Assists Anti-viral protection

$6.50 per 160gm bag_____

I am keen to purchase three bags of the Horehound Toffee, they have been fantastic for my children when suffering from sore throats. I am keen to stock up before the weather turns !! Thanks Rebecca 6/3/17
Hi, I am an Asthma sufferer. I develop an asthma related cough which starts with a tickle in the throat then produces a lot of phlegm and I can end up vomiting. In my line of work I visit people in their homes. In these varied environments you cannot control the trigger to asthma. When I develop this cough I find that taking a Horehound toffee stops the symptoms almost immediately. Thank you so much Jennifer. Kind regards. Sam 17/01/2011 Fbk#363
Contents Summary: ( More Detail )
Honey & Honeycomb & Beeswax Sourced from local aparists all bee products used are organic and untreated by any commercial practices.
Peppermint Improves taste and helps ease any sinus congestion and nausea.
Marrubium vulgare
As a botanical medicine, Horehound has been a popular remedy for coughs, colds and chest problems since ancient times. Often taken in the form of a syrup.
Historically documented properties include, but are not limited to:
Antiseptic, Expectorant, Aids wound healing & eases nausea.
The toffee eaten regularly acts as an effective anti-viral system booster. It is wonderful for sore throats, coughs, wheezing and to reduce nausea, and to relieve or prevent a dry throat while exercising.

Horehound can be safely used by children as well as adults. It is often made into a syrup or candy in order to disguise its very bitter flavour, though it can also be taken as a tea.

As a bitter tonic, horehound increases the appetite and aids digestion.
Icing sugar used sparingly to prevent the toffee sticking to the greasproof and cellophane wrapper.

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