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2. Nail Guard Stick - or- Oil
NailGuard - Stick - or- Oil for dry frail nails
NailGuard in either a twist stick or straight Oil format, is designed to help improve dry, frail nails, reduce ridges and splitting.
The twist Stick contains a protective combination of Beeswax and Lanolin to reduce dryness and cope with exposure to water.

The handy twist tube & easy application makes it ease to use anytime, anywhere.
The NailGuard natural essential oils combine with allantoin (Comfrey root) to encourage cell repair & growth.

The dropper bottle is helpful in dealing with toes & fungal conditions.

Touch across nails as often as required, but especially before immersion in water or wearing gloves, and at bedtime.
If nails are splitting, file back as soon as possible and apply NailGuard-Stick frequently.
Nails grow more slowly when stressed and you can expect it to take a week or more to see improvement.

See Customer Comments Below:

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My mom has had your nail oil for 2 years now. She loves it and said it's the only product that really moisturises nails and cuticles. :)
Thanks Eva 4/01/2018 Fbk#818
I wanted to order Nailguard liquid. Is it still available. It worked wonderfully on a fungal toenail. Thank you. Gwen

Fbk 12/12/2017 Thanks to Gwen's comments the 15ml oil dropper bottle is available again.

My mum bought some Nailguard Stick in Adelaide a few weeks ago. Her nails are the best they have ever been. She loves it. Hope mine will be too. Trying to beat my 15 year old daughter.Thanks Maz Fbk #806 6/7/2017
I bought some NailGuard at the Adelaide Royal Show, and love it. My nails were a mess after a lifetime of gardening, horse riding and an active, outside job. Nice to find something that actually works, and is natural to boot! Just wish now that I had taken some before/after shots to prove it. Love how easy it is to apply. I keep a tube in the console of the car and whip it out at red traffic lights on the way to work! Job done!
Thanks Shelley 17/11/2016 Fbk# 802
Take it from me - Jen's Nailguard is great. For the first time in over twenty years my nails need to be cut - no more splitting or chipping. Nothing else has worked. Helen 9/02/2010 Fbk#354
Contents Benefits summary:
Beeswax Protects against water exposure and improvess supplness
Lanolin Protects against water & detergent damage and eases dryness
Shea Butter Protects and drying
Macadamia oil Softens and smooths the skin, and helps with tissue rejuvenation.
Comfrey root Helps stimuate new cell growth and repair damage
Wheatgerm oil High in Vitamins A, D, E, and also contains B1, B2, B3, B6, F. It has anti-oxidant and skin regenerative properties.
Grapefruit Seed Extract A natural fungal & bacterial retardant
Patchouli Tissue regenerating properties stimulating the formation of new skin cells.
Schinus Molle Natural antiseptic and preservative, with good healing properties.
Tea Tree Has antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties to assist wound healing and the treatment of acne and blemishes.

Test first: For all new products applied to your skin, please ensure you check for sensitivity with a patch test on your wrist or forearm, before applying the product to other parts of your body. If you have sensitive skin it's even more important to take this precaution.

Storage: All products containing essential oils should be stored out of direct sunlight and below 28deg C. If storing for several weeks or months store in a cool dark area or refrigerate.

Testing: Skyezone products are free from animal testing & artificial ingredients.

Texture: As the texture and scent of herbs may vary slightly due to seasonal changes, customers may notice slight variations in colour and/or viscosity of a lotion.
This should not affect the quality and effectiveness of that product. However customer feedback is always welcome and if you are dissatisfied with a product at anytime please contact Jennifer immediately by email or phone.

Availability: Due to seasonal variations in herb growth some products may be unavailable for a time.

Satisfaction: Customer feedback is always welcome and if you are dissatisfied with a product at anytime please contact Jennifer immediately by email or phone.