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6. Sun Spot Repair
Aid repair of sun damaged spots & flakey growth patches
SunSpot Repair is formulated to assist in the repair of those various UV sun induced skin blemishes generally known as actinic keratosis (AK) also 'solar' keratosis.
Caused by cumulative sun exposure, AKs appear as a variety of rough, scaly patches, also small flaky or raised areas with discolouration.

Roll-on SunSpot Repair lightly 1-5 times a day.
Expect a tingling sensation 15-30 seconds after application, but this fades quickly.

1) Sun blemishes are wide and varied and this may not repair all your sun induced skin blemishes.
2) Dark pigment spots should fade over time.
3) Avoid direct sun exposure after applying SunSpot Repair.
4) If you become concerned about a particular blemish & it continues to grow &/or bleed, please refer to your doctor or skin specialist.

See Customer Comments Below:

While 10% of AKs turn into cancers, you can't tell which ones are precursors of squamous cell carcinoma. Eliminating Aks helps avoid potentially nasties.

$10 per 10ml Roll-on

Some weeks ago my sister gave me some Sun Spot Repair. I have used it and my sunspots have lightened, some have disappeared. I am delighted with the product and have bought more for me and some as gifts. It really works. Many thanks, Louise
Fbk # 797 1/10/2016
I have been using the SunSpot Repair for 3 months now. After the first 3 weeks a reddish angry spot on my hand vanished (after being there for over a year). A constantly peeling spot on my nose has repaired to normal skin. After 4 weeks an irregular spot on my hairline reduced completely and has faded away. Also on my face, several capillary lines have disappeared and several others are much less noticeable. After 5 weeks of use, several hand and face sun spots have faded from the dark spots they were before. I am 62 yrs old now and spent 17 years working out in the sun from my early twenties. I have used the SunSpot Repair frequently on my face at least 3 times a day, and found the first roll-on lasted me 4 weeks. I am now using it on some leg patches with fine varicose veins. After just one week there has been definite improvement! Great. Thanks so much for developing this product, it's really helped me. Mary Fbk # 788 25/11/15
Hi Jennifer, we met at your stand at the Adelaide show 10th Sept 2015. You took a photo of my hand as it had a sun spot on it, and gave me a roll-on Sun Spot Repair to try it and report back. I have now finished the bottle and while I think the spot has reduced and faded, it is still there. I haven't used it everyday, but when I remembered I have used it. Regards Graeme. Fbk #787 25/11/15

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