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Skin Balm Lotion
DISCONTINUED. 30/3/2018 Soothes itchy, rash, eczema, bites, sensitive, irritated skin.

Skin Balm DISCONTINUED. 30/3/2018
This instantly soothing lotion can be applied to: face, body & scalp and is suitable for all ages from infants to the elderly.
Apply a small amount lightly to affected areas. Repeat as required and reduce amount if it feels tingly.

The herbs selected contain properties historically shown to help soothe sensitive and irritated skin including eczema patches, rashes and bites.

All primary plants used are organically grown and distilled by Skyezone.

When not in use it's best to refrigerate, or at keep in a cool area away from sunlight.
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Hi Jennifer, I wanted to tell you how pleased and happy I am with your Skin Balm lotion to soothe irritated skin. When I used to get out of the shower the itch would drive me mad. I have found that once the lotion is applied the itch stops straight away. A couple of my friends have the same problem, and they are also happy with results. After all the other products I have tried, finally found yours worked. Thanks Sue 25/01/2016 Fbk#789
I have found your Skin Balm the best thing for my skin. I get eczema on my hands and as my hands are frequently in water,( from water quality testing) my hands are dry and cracked. Skyezone’s skin balm is the only thing that could make the eczema disappear!! Thanks so much for making such an awesome product. I have not had the results like this with any commercial product! Callie 15/02/2012 Fbk#373
Contents summary: ( More Detail )
Achillea millefolium Anti inflamatory, Antiseptic and protects wounds, sores and broken skin tissue. Heals and reduces scarring. Soothing, Astringent - In case of scalp and hair follicles it strengthens hair and eliminates hair loss. On skin it tightens the pores.
Ocimum gratisimum Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Analgesic & Antiseptic properties. Helps to sterilize wound surface on broken skin.

Backhousia citriodora

The leaves contain between 0.33 - 0.86% essential oil consisting almost entirely of citral. Citral has been shown to exhibit Antiseptic, anti-viral, sedative and anti-fungal properties. B. citriodora is the most potent of all citral producing plants, considerable higher than that of Eucalyptus and Tea tree oils.
Schinus molle Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial , anti-fungal, astringent, wound healing properties.

Test first: For all new products applied to your skin, please ensure you check for sensitivity with a patch test on your wrist or forearm, before applying the product to other parts of your body. If you have sensitive skin it's even more important to take this precaution.

Storage: All products containing essential oils should be stored out of direct sunlight and below 28deg C. If storing for several weeks or months store in a cool dark area or refrigerate.

Testing: Skyezone products are free from animal testing & artificial ingredients.

Texture: As the texture and scent of herbs may vary slightly due to seasonal changes, customers may notice slight variations in colour and/or viscosity of a lotion.
This should not affect the quality and effectiveness of that product. However customer feedback is always welcome and if you are dissatisfied with a product at anytime please contact Jennifer immediately by email or phone.

Availability: Due to seasonal variations in herb growth some products may be unavailable for a time.

Satisfaction: Customer feedback is always welcome and if you are dissatisfied with a product at anytime please contact Jennifer immediately by email or phone.