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Lip Balms - Lime,Lavender,Lemon Myrtle
Soothing, nourishing, healing - anytime. Handy twist tube container.
Lip Balms - in: Lime, Lavender or Lemon Myrtle' provide instant relief for dry, chaffed or cracked lips, and are delightful great tasting 100% natural lip balms.

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Ingredients. Here is why these lip balms work:
Vitamin E Wheatgerm oil, Calendula infused VitE is a natural antioxidant which helps promote the formation of new cells, improves circulation, and helps repair sun damage to the skin. Calendula petal infusion enhances healing properties.
Shea Butter Melts into the skin, & widely used for beauty and healing.
Beeswax & Pure Honey Soothing, antiseptic, aids wound healing. Protects against drying.
Frankincense Assists with wound healing, ulcers and cold sores, with its antiseptic & astringent properties.
Symphytum officinale
Comfrey contains the valuable cell-proliferant allantoin which is absorbed through the skin & stimulates the growth of new cells.
All lip balms have the above and then the final 100% pure essential oil differentiates them:
Lime Helps oil to penetrate the skin, thereby reducing moisture loss.
Lavender Promote faster skin healing with less scarring. Soothing & anti-inflammatory.
Lemon Myrtle Antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic properties to aid healing of damaged skin


Hi Jennifer, your products were a huge hit at the Pamper Party and I would like to order 12 more of the lip balm and hand cream in the organza bags please. We all loved the lemon myrtle body scrub too! Thanks Karen. 26/02/2014 FBk#772
**LOVING** the lavender lip balm you sent! It smells amazing, feels great, and lasts for ages! Now the toughest question I have is deciding which to use - lavender, lime, or lemon myrtle! Yeah, Christie 26/02/2014 Fbk#774
Your lip balm is a pure pleasure to use; all the popular brands (and I've tried them all) are hard and waxy and taste artificially flavored. The Cool Lime balm is smooth and viscous and absorbs so cleanly, with the most pleasant flavor I've ever spread on my lips. Joel 12/10/2010 Fbk #359
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Test first: For all new products applied to your skin, please ensure you check for sensitivity with a patch test on your wrist or forearm, before applying the product to other parts of your body. If you have sensitive skin it's even more important to take this precaution.

Storage: All products containing essential oils should be stored out of direct sunlight and below 28deg C. If storing for several weeks or months store in a cool dark area or refrigerate.

Testing: Skyezone products are free from animal testing & artificial ingredients.

Texture: As the texture and scent of herbs may vary slightly due to seasonal changes, customers may notice slight variations in colour and/or viscosity of a lotion.
This should not affect the quality and effectiveness of that product. However customer feedback is always welcome and if you are dissatisfied with a product at anytime please contact Jennifer immediately by email or phone.

Availability: Due to seasonal variations in herb growth some products may be unavailable for a time.

Satisfaction: Customer feedback is always welcome and if you are dissatisfied with a product at anytime please contact Jennifer immediately by email or phone.