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Grumpy Blokes Face Moisturiser
Moisturiser for blokes! Banish dry or shave irritated skin.
Yes it works you won't feel grumpy today :-)
Apply a very small amount (ie: 5 cent size or less,) gently to your face & around the eyes, or dry patches.
This cream has excellent healing properties to ease dry patches and reduce shaving irritation.

Due to customer request Grumpy Blokes 50ml is now back in the original silver screw top pot.

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Dear Jen, great to see you in Hahndorf last Saturday. Just mailing you about your Grumpy blokes face moisturiser. I first found this when you were at Fullarton market. For a bloke who never moisturised before this is my favourite product! I can tell (or my skin will show me) when I don't use it regularly. I even like how it smells! With thanks and see you again.
Regards Ian 29/12/17 Fbk #816
I love this latest development of the Grumpy Blokes Cream, must be a PB sensational!! Horatio 31/08/2016 FB#794
Jen, this is the best cream ever, love it! No longer Grumpy!!! Thanks Horatio 24/02/2014 Fbk#771
Applied my Grumpy Man to my face after going without it for 6 days. It's amazing stuff. You don't realise how harsh our Adelaide water is until you go without something to put on your skin afterwards. Keep up the great work and keep the Grumpy Man moisturiser going in the tub! Thanks Steve H 2/02/2014 Fbk#768
I bought some Grump Blokes moisturiser last year. It took a while to use up the cream but I love it. John 27/07/2011 Fbk#371
Contents Therapeutic benefits: ( More Detail )
Wheatgerm oil Vitamin E, Anti-oxidant and skin regenerative properties.
Beeswax Soothing, antiseptic, brilliant for wound healing and fighting acne, and helps the skin retain moisture.
Benzoin Tincture Helps repair dry skin, reduce acne and improve skin elasticity.
Sorbelene Plant derived base to bind elements
Calendula Anti-inflammatory, soothing and softening qualities.
Ginger Hydrosol Improves circulation
Lime Help clear oily congested skin. Produces a refreshing feel on the skin.


Soothing, anti-inflammatory and balancing action on the skin
Schinus Molle Anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties.
Grapeseed Extract A natural fungal & bacterial retardant, and natural preservative.

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