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   Learning About Herbs
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  Skyezone Herb Verges won   1st Prize in the Burnside   Council awards Dec 2017.
If you'd like to learn a bit more about what goes into our Skye Products or the herbs we grow, please contact Jennifer:
   Latest Products & Improved Formulations 2018
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A range of Hydrosols distilled from our organically grown & freshly harvested herbs. Within 30 mins of harvesting these herbs are in the distillation unit!
Picked when the plants are 70% flowering or more, to obtain the maximum medicinal benefits from their special bio-compounds.
Hydrosol is the pure water imbibed with the qualities of the essential oil created during distillation. Each hydrosol contains at least 1% pure essential oil, retained during separation.

  Hand & Body Wash - Basil   
  Lime & Lemon verbena
Ummm Nice, refreshing, clean, toned & deodorising all at once! 3 size options to suit bathrooms and sinks. Hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we do.
  Body Scrub - Lime Get your body ready for summer by improving the smoothness and texture of your skin with this natural salt body scrub. Enjoy the zest and freshness of lime & peppermint & step out of your shower already moisturised.
Hydrosol - Basil Drink in the healing properties of Basil hydrosol - Ocimum gratissimum. Organically grown and distilled by Skyezone right here in Kensington Park South Australia.
  Calendula NIGHT Cream A beautifully smooth, easily absorbed, rich nourishing cream, that can be applied all over your face, including around the eyes, with aboslute confidence.
Thanks to aparist Ben Hooper this cream includes magnificent quality bees wax from Kangaroo Island's unique & precious bees.
Eye-Lift 'Touch Up' Serum   Eye-Lift 'Touch Up' Serum   in a new light weight   refillable roller. This convenient, 'touch up' roller, applys just that trace of anti oxidant serum to help moisturise and tone around your eyes. Refillable, feminine and a true travel mate!
Sweet Dreams pllow & body spray   Chilblain Stick
  Winter relief!
Chilblain stick is not messy like oils, think of a lip balm - same principal, but soft enough to apply easily on those painful spots, and instantly soothing.
Sweet Dreams pllow & body spray   Sweet Dreams :
  Pillow & Body Spray
This concentrated Sweet Dreams pillow spray combines essential oils which help to calm, relax and sooth your body & mind. Suitable for all ages & both men and women. Try just one spray.
May also be used as a delightful daytime perfume.
Lotion Lemon Myrtle   Body Lotion :
  Lemon Myrtle
Now you can enjoy this invigorating moisturising lotion, with its divine Lemon Myrtle scent & healing properties... all over.
  Zest Body Pack: Ideal for your Gym bag or Travel adventures,
and well really, just every day!
Put a spring in yoru step and a smile on your lips.
Includes: Lotion, Body Butter & Lip Balm all with 100% pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil - distilled by Skyezone from organic leaf grown in Adelaide SA

  Face Moisturisers:
  Restore & Night
Now with the addition of Sea Bucktorn oil. <br>
Sea Buckthorn oil is a natural powerhouse of goodness, which is also known as the 'beauty berry'. This is because it helps to repair & rejuvenate skin tissue.

  Face Mist (Rose) Face Mist is a high potency mist that delivers Vitamin C Ester into your skin cells. Formulated to hydrate & soothe skin while toning tissue and aiding repair.
Excellent for sun damaged and ageing complexions...

  Eye Lift Roll-on & Refill Rich in antioxidants to stimulate collagen formation & reduce 'free radical' damage. Best used in the daytime for it's anti-inflammatory properties to reduce puffiness and tone fine lines around the eyes...

  Hand & Body Wash This is a concentrated gel (soap alternative) which contains active essential oils that are clinically proven to have anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties...

  Loo - Pourri Loo Pourri is highly concentrated. A bottle will lasts for months. Hide your presence in the throne room, with these oh so easy instructions...
    Skyelight Candles - Aromatheraphy for you and your home
Skyelight Candles   Amber, Teak & Moss
  Cinnamon & Vanilla
  Cinnamon & Spice

Frankincense & Myrrh
Peach & Peoney
Redwood Cedar
Vanilla Burbon

Sizes available: 10 hour or 35 hour burn time

   Seasonal favourites ~ Summer to Autumn
Grumpy Blokes Face Moisturiser

  SunSpot Repair

Improviced formulation,SunSpot Repair is designed to assist in the repair of those various UV sun induced skin blemishes generally known as actinic keratosis (AK) also 'solar' keratosis...
Grumpy Blokes Face Moisturiser   SkyeGuard - yes in winter   too! During winter SkyeGuard is very helpful for the relief of sinus congestion, spayed across the chest or on the edge of your pillow.
It also acts as a deodorising room freshness and is safe for all ages.
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