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 5/08/2018 I was in Adelaide 2 weeks ago and I visited Hahndorf and found Camellia Country Cottage with your products. I fell in love with the lemon myrtle Hand Repair and orange Body Butter. I can't wait to try more of your chemical free products!! From Kelly    827
 25/07/2018 Hi Jennifer, I'm very much looking forward to my fresh supply of your beautiful products. The rose hip oil is for my dear Mum as she has just had a major skin graft on her nose after some cancer removals and she was told rose hip is very good for scarring. Thanks again for your wonderful products, kindest regards, Jo    826
 24/07/2018 Hi Jen, thank you. I received my delivery today all safe & sound.
I just love the divine scent of your products. Your lemon myrtle body butter is my absolute favourite product. Cheers Jo
 20/07/2018 Just want to say Thank You - I received my order today. I absolutely LOVE your hand repair cream - love it all actually but the hand repair is my favourite.
Best wishes Chris
 27/05/2018 I have been a big fan of your skincare products for many years now after I discovered your gorgeous stall at the Royal Adelaide show.
Your cough drops are fantastic and a real blessing in the winter months especially! They work amazingly and both of my kids will go straight to them the minute they feel a cold coming on. I also love your sore throat spray, nail guard and thrush cream!!
I’m writing to tell you about how your products changed my life!
I was not using any of your facial products at the time. I developed perioral dermatitis (completely out of the blue!) which meant I had lots of small blisters around my mouth. VERY painful and extremely embarrassing! I googled remedies to cure it, nothing worked and only made it worse. I consulted several doctors who gave me a few things to try but wouldn’t cure it and barely made it any better at all. My doctor also said to stay on the antibiotics I had been on already for 4 weeks and take them for 3 more months to help clear it up! I was extremely depressed about it and at my wits end as in 4 weeks the antibiotics had done nothing! By this time I had the perioral dermatitis for 8 months!!
I then thought of your skincare range and decided to visit the shop at Hahndorf (Camellia Country Cottage)that stocks your line. I purchased the Restore Facial Serum and the Calendula Night Cream. I took myself off the antibiotics and used only your products on my face.
Within one week I noticed the blisters begin to heal and the pain decrease! By the 3rd week I am so happy to tell you that all the perioral dermatitis HAD CLEARED COMPLETELY and my face was not only back to normal but better than ever!!!!
Thank you so much for the products that you develop and make. They are miraculous and I tell everyone I meet about them!
Thank you again! You saved my face!!!
 9/03/2018 My favourite of your items is the "Feeling Sore" -great for my arthritis. Regards Sue    822
 22/02/2018 Dear Jennifer I have been aggravated with psoriasis for a number of years now, had a skin specialist etc, but no relief. I stumbled on your HAND REPAIR cream at the new Royal Adelaide hospital gift shop and sampled your product. I wore it for an hour to test the results, went back and purchased it. The repair results are instant and amazing, also the smallest amount of cream works. It is instant relief for me! From a very grateful customer, many thanks. Kate C.    821
 12/01/2018 Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for the very special speedy post delivery I just received from you. Everything is exquisite. Your products are a true gem to have discovered. I will be returning to your site every chance I get. I may never buy another brand of product again!!! Warm regards and much appreciation. Andrea    819
 4/01/2018 My mom has had your nail oil for 2 years now. She loves it and said it's the only product that really moisturises nails and cuticles. :) Thanks Eva    818
 28/12/2017 Hi Jennifer just letting you know that Kathleen my wife has been using the Feeling Sore lotion to help with her injured neck (thanks to her ex.) Tried this while in the Royal Adelaide hospital last month and found that she had a night without pain. This has continued every night when using the ointment.
Have used other lotions you make and found them very good as well.
Would thoroughly recommend the Feeling Sore to anyone in pain. This has also been used by our daughter on her shoulder, and by a friend. They have both found terrific results.
All the best Kevin
 28/12/2017 Dear Jen, great to see you in Hahndorf last Saturday. Just mailing you about your Grumpy blokes face moisturiser. I first found this when you were at Fullarton market. For a bloke who never moisturised before this is my favourite product! I can tell (or my skin will show me) when I don't use it regularly. I even like how it smells! With thanks and see you again. Regards Ian    816
 30/10/2017 I purchased your Tummy Soother Tea at Hahndorf, last week when I was on holiday and recently come down with Irritable Bowl Syndrome after having gastro. As you may know there's no so called cure for IBS and your tea has been a great assistance in calming the cramps etc., thank you for this. Who ever named IBS certainly got the name correct with Irritable. Thank you once again, Bernie    815
 16/10/2017 Hi Jennifer, Thank you for such fast postage! My mother in law, is a huge fan of yours and lives in Adelaide. She gifted me some of your products a while back and I have recently run out. I have purchased extras for gifts for the girls in my family because they are so beautiful!. Nicole    814
 10/10/2017 Hi, I just ordered some Sweet Dreams I love it!
It smells divine.
Many thanks Debra
 29/09/2017 I first bought your products in Hahndorf when hubby and I were visiting Adelaide last year. Got the Insect repellent (who knew IR could smell so good?) and the Sweet Dreams spray. Anyhow, they were so lovely and work so well, I obviously wanted more.
My hubby loves the smell of our pillows with the sweet dreams spray, and the creams I use. So I'm looking for a bloke gift pack. He might actually start taking care of his skin a little. Me and hubby loving my products so much. Smell so good and work so well. He wants some too, and that says a lots as he is a blokey plumber and never puts anything on his skin except soap, shaving cream and tea tree oil for his feet/toes (and deodorant of course)!!!
Lucky for me you have website and I can have them sent to me here in WA. Love the $100 purchase - free shipping gig also... Important for us West Aussies Thanks Louise
 26/09/2017 During recovery from my mastectomy, the 'Feeling Sore' lotion has been wonderful. Particularly at the end of the day, when the wound feels tired, hot and sore. The lotion is cooling and soothing and takes away the ache almost immediately. Kind regards Celeste    810
 26/09/2017 I was with the "Red Hatters" that came to Adelaide 10 days ago and got a little bottle of "Sweet Dreams" in my registration bag. I love it, so I had to have more plus a bottle to give to my sister who is visiting me from NZ in January. Thanks I will be back for more. Kind regards Steph    811
 18/09/2017 I bought skincare from you at the Royal Show & they are the best facial scrub & facial serum I ever had, thank you.
Will order more when I come back from holiday.
 27/08/2017 Dear Jennifer, I just wanted to say thank you for your Serenity cream. It has controlled my grandson's eczema every time it flares up. A wonderful cream. I learnt of your wonderful products from a colleague and now use all your facial lotions and won't go back to anything else, as does another one of my friends. All your products I have tried are amazing and I thank you for all your hard work in providing these wonderful natural products. Kind Regards Deborah    808
 11/08/2017 Hi Jennifer just a note to let you know I received my parcel yesterday. Thank you for the prompt delivery. My daughter was thrilled with her cleanser and face serum. She bounced out of here early this morning off to uni feeling uplifted with her clean and soft face glowing. Thank you for my nail guard gift it truly makes your nails and cuticles feel alive and supple. I have been using the Calendula oil for my scars and noticed less redness. So happy with all the products also the fragrance of the 3 candles I ordered are absolutely beautiful which makes you feel uplifted.
Thank you Jennifer for sharing your products, you truly have a natural gift.
Andrea 10/8/2017 Fbk #807
 6/07/2017 My mum bought some Nailguard Stick in Adelaide a few weeks ago. Her nails are the best they have ever been. She loves it. Hope mine will be too. Trying to beat my 15 year old daughter. Thanks Maz    806
 3/02/2017 I used this oil with great success for a severe latex allergy on both my hands. The itching was intense and small blisters had developed before I've tried the Calendula infused Vit E oil. The relief it gave was instant and allowed me to sleep through the night. It took about 4 - 5 days for the skin to fully heal, but I will never be without this oil, stored in the fridge for long term use. Thank you for making this wonderful oil. Mary    803
 3/02/2017 Thank you for the Sleep Spray - used it last night myself - lovely!
I have a friend staying with me and she had not been sleeping well and when I asked her this morning how she had slept – I was going to offer her your spray - she had in her hand a bottle of it that a friend had given her yesterday – used it last night and had slept through till 7.30am - usually awake at 5am – What a co-incidence? – now I can keep mine and won’t have to give it away!
Thanks Doris
 17/11/2016 I bought some nailguard at the Adelaide Royal Show, and love it. My nails were a mess after a lifetime of gardening, horse riding and an active, outside job. Nice to find something that actually works, and is natural to boot! Just wish now that I had taken some before/after shots to prove it. Love how easy it is to apply. I keep a tube in the console of the car and whip it out at red traffic lights on the way to work! Job done! Thanks Shelley    802
 3/10/2016 I met you at the royal show, and bought the Sweet Dreams spray. I've found it to be very helpful, thank you! Bianca    798
 14/09/2016 Jan & I brought your "sleep with me" herbal tea from you at the Adelaide Royal Show 2016.
Firstly we were both impressed with the quality, fresh flavour and the pleasant chamomile taste. It's clearly one of the best "bedtime" teas we have encountered.
Secondly it worked a treat proving to offer a deep sound undisturbed sleep.
We sincerely thank you for your support in the natural remedies industry.
Kindest Regards John West
 10/09/2016 I've always loved neroli....more than you could have known actually. Strong and gentle sedative at once. It truly makes you float away... Thanks so much. Kirsty 8/9/2016    795
 31/08/2016 I love this latest development of the Grumpy Blokes Cream, must be a PB, Sensational!! Horatio    794
 26/05/2016 Thank you for your prompt delivery of your beautiful skin products. The Cleo cleanser, Restore serum and Night cream are all so easily absorbed while really nourishing my skin and the scents are divine! I am so happy to have found your range. Kind regards Ellen Fremantle    793
 26/05/2016 I have the Sore Snoz in my pocket for easy access over the day. It's a lovely moisturiser and reduces redness and soreness. Thanks!!! Jane    792
 28/04/2016 Hi Jennifer, I stumbled across your stall one day about 4 years when I was cycling through the city. You were set up with some other stalls in Hindmarsh Square so I thought I’d say G’day. I was met by a friendly face who was passionate about natural skincare and happy to give me the low down on some products as a gift for my girl friend and some ‘Grumpy Blokes’ moisturiser for me. “You only need to use a little!” you told me, and the advice has served me well. I purchased the items thinking that the natural stuff can’t really be as good as the commercially bought stuff with all the chemicals, and I had a harsh critic in my girlfriend who loves her moisturizers. At first I just thought she was being polite telling me how wonderful the moisturizers were and how much she was enjoying them, but when we made a special trip out to Hahndorf just to buy some more for both of us, I knew she genuinely impressed. We’ve been making that trip about every 2-3 months ever since and I’ve been using the Grumpy Blokes moisturizer ever since. Thank you so much for your passion in creating natural skincare that surpasses the quality of the chemical stuff and for staying in the game for as long as you have so that we can continue to enjoy your creations. Steve and Sarah.    791
 8/02/2016 My whole family use the Feeling Sore cream - it was a tremendous help during my frozen shoulder, my husband is an anaesthetic nurse and sometimes after being on his feet all day it is great at night for his back, my sister has Fibromyalgia and uses it for her arms and feet and my parents use this cream for various aches. We all swear by the fact that it really helps especially at night making sleeping much easier. We love it!!! Thanks Toni    790
 25/01/2016 Hi Jennifer, I wanted to tell you how pleased and happy I am with your Skin Balm lotion to soothe irritated skin. When I used to get out of the shower the itch would drive me mad. I have found that once the lotion is applied the itch stops straight away. A couple of my friends have the same problem, and they are also happy with results. After all the other products I have tried, finally found yours worked. Thanks Sue    789
 25/11/2015 I have been using the SunSpot Repair for 3 months now. After the first 3 weeks a reddish angry spot on my hand vanished (after being there for over a year). A constantly peeling spot on my nose has repaired to normal skin. After 4 weeks an irregular spot on my hairline reduced completely and has faded away. Also on my face, several capillary lines have disappeared and several others are much less noticeable. After 5 weeks of use, several hand and face sun spots have faded from the dark spots they were before. I am 62 yrs old now and spent 17 years working out in the sun from my early twenties. I have used the SunSpot Repair frequently on my face at least 3 times a day, and found the first roll-on lasted me 4 weeks. I am now using it on some leg patches with fine varicose veins. After just one week there has been definite improvement! Great. Thanks so much for developing this product, it's really helped me. Mary    788
 25/11/2015 Hi Jennifer, we met at your stand at the Adelaide show 10th Sept 2015. You took a photo of my hand as it had a sun spot on it, and gave me a roll-on Sun Spot Repair to try it and report back. I have now finished the bottle and while I think the spot has reduced and faded, it is still there. I haven't used it everyday, but when I remembered I have used it. Regards Graeme Zilm.    787
 9/11/2015 Hi Jennifer, I purchased some moisturisers from you, at I think the Physic Fair a few years ago. I have also been to your place to buy products and then back in August I bought some products at Hahndorf. I really enjoy using your beautiful products:) Regards, Nicolette    786
 31/10/2015 I would say that all the products that I and my mother have purchased from you in the past have been wonderful, hence why I made a much larger order this time so as to replenish many desired items.
With regard to specific products, we both have our favorites.
For myself, the Feeling Sore Rub for aching joints and muscles is most important. I suffer pain in my knees and the surrounding leg muscles due to repeated sports injuries and now-degenerative joints. I find that Rub works better on relieving my knee and muscle soreness than any anti-inflammatory or pain-relief gel/cream I have ever bought from any chemist, and it means I do not need to rely on other pain relief like ibuprofen.
My mother, Suzanne, has found great relief in using the Serenity Calming Oil. She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease. Pain and soreness is a daily trial for her and can make many aspects of everyday life very difficult, including getting to sleep. She finds that using that Oil on her sore spots calms them greatly and allows her to sleep properly. She says that Oil works more effectively at that than anything else she has tried and alleviates reliance on painkillers.
Thanks Evan
 26/10/2015 My mum visited Camellia Country Cottage in Handorf SA that stocks your products (we are from QLD). We have a 10 month old who is not a great sleeper so she purchased the Serenity body oil for me to use on him. He really loves it (along with the massage I give him). Plus I love it too and I thought if I wore it on myself during the day, this might help him too.
Whilst we have had some sleep training with him, him is now sleeping through the night and having his oil/massage is a part of his bedtime routine, which he loves.
Kind Regards Elise
 18/10/2015 My mother and I visited your stall at the Royal Show this year. Your hand repair cream is fabulous. I have sensitive skin and have to be very careful what creams I use, but this cream is so gentle and it works like magic!
It eases my eczema by healing the dry skin and the soreness without any discomfort, unlike many of the commercial creams available at the chemist. It also smells gorgeous!
My mother loves the Night cream and so I ordered her the gift pack for Christmas so she could try many more products in your range. I decided to treat myself to the same! Thank you once again and keep up the amazing work! All the best, Rachel
 18/09/2015 Hi my name is Karren and I am 31. I'm contacting you because on Tuesday last week mum and I visited you at the Adelaide Royal Show (by accident) and I just have to say I have never written a review and I'm not on Facebook so I don't know how that works but I HAD to write this. It was the smell at first that sucked both my mum and I in it was amazing then the more we spoke and you explained how you make these products wow. About three weeks earlier I had purchased a moisturiser worth $50 but I saw no change in my skin so I thought why not $20 for your facial serum and night cream (why not) and I am so so pleased I did. It has been just over a week and my skin is clearer (yes 31 and pimples) no more foundation YAY my skin glows I cannot believe the transformation in such a short time I wish I took before and after photos, you would not believe my skin. I had no idea my skin was in need of natural products I guess I was skeptical and thought how could it possibly work but WOW. So my skin would just like to say a big thank you x.    782
 4/07/2015 I visited Camellia Country Cottage a couple of years ago and bought your Feeling Sore for mum as she is always needing some sort of massage for aches and pains.
She loved your product and as she finished it months ago, I promised I would try to order one. She has been in pain the past couple of days and I thought to quickly get on the net and order it.
Can't wait for the product to arrive. Maria
 4/07/2015 My parcel arrived today all products safe and sound! Thanks for the extra goodies I love trying products that I haven't had before, that face mist is beautiful, I just tried it! Chloe got her parcel yesterday after work so she was excited to try the products and was appreciative of the extra products she got too!
Thanks so much for looking after us, speedily, and as you always do!!
Thankyou for making such beautiful "skin loving" products.
 4/07/2015 I would like to place an order... I've run out of everything. And my skin is suffering for it. Jenna    781
 16/09/2014 I visited you at Camellia Cottage in Hahndorf and brought a few of your products including the shampoo and conditioner which I must say is the best I have ever used. I have very long and thick hair and it is now healthy, shinny and easy to manage.
Have also been using your Thrush Guard on the Psoriasis on the back of my neck and that is healing nicely.
Thank you so much, I am so glad you were in the shop that day. :) Karen
 13/03/2014 I purchased the hand cream last year from your stand at the Royal Adelaide Show and I love the fragrance and the feel of the cream on my hands. I’ve almost run out of it and wanted to get some more (I have been using it sparingly to make it last longer not knowing if I could get more). I found your business card so I checked to see if I could still get it online. I’m happy now.
Thanks for a great product.
 13/03/2014 I really love the hand Repair cream, and so does everyone I've given a little sample to. Some of the bottles I've purchased are to share with them, so hopefully they will want to buy some more from you when they run out :)
I was lucky enough to receive a small bottle as a Christmas gift from my partner's family. The hand cream is such a lovely product with a gorgeous scent that really picks me up when I'm studying. I am really looking forward to the arrival of my order! Thanks so much.
Kind regards,Simone
 11/03/2014 Hi Jennifer,I bought the insect repellent spray about 4 years ago at a market in S.A. and love it. I mainly use it for spraying on my pillow so that I can breathe better (sinus problems I think) but used it yesterday to put on my grandson's mosquito bites and it stopped the itch. :) I'm on my last bottle but it still smells great. I'd like to try some more of your products now too.
Kind regards Jenny
 26/02/2014 Hi Jennifer, your products were a huge hit at the Pamper Party and I would like to order 12 more of the lip balm and hand cream in the organza bags please. We all loved the lemon myrtle body scrub too! Thanks Karen.    772
 26/02/2014 **LOVING** the lavender lip balm you sent! It smells amazing, feels great, and lasts for ages! Now the toughest question I have is deciding which to use - lavender, lime, or lemon myrtle! Yeah, Christie    774
 26/02/2014 Hi Jen, I have found your Calendula infused Vit E oil is wonderful for my skin cancer scars. I no longer have to keep my arms covered to hide them, and it has improved the texture of my skin overall. Please don't stop making this one. Regards Sally.    773
 24/02/2014 Jen, this is the best cream ever, love it! No longer Grumpy!!! Thanks Horatio    771
 2/02/2014 I bought my first product from you at the Royal Show and I am loving it. I will be paying a visit to Jennifer in the near future. Thank you Dawn    770
 2/02/2014 Lovely products...great to see cottage industry thriving. I recommend Hand Repair..... with Calendula Lavender Patchouli Aloe Vera......only takes a little bit and the aroma is gorgeous.
 2/02/2014 Applied my Grumpy Man to my face after going without it for 6 days. It's amazing stuff. You don't realise how harsh our Adelaide water is until you go without something to put on your skin afterwards.
Keep up the great work and keep the Grumpy Man moisturiser going in the tub! Thanks Steve H
 2/02/2014 Thank you for all your products which kept me happy and healthy in India.
The insect repellent was fantastic and kept me mosquito free. Kind regards Margaret.
 9/12/2013 I like to have back up of your products so that I never run out of anything, as I am totally hooked and don't like to use anything else now!
Regards Marcia
 28/11/2013 I have been using your Skin Balm for approx 3 years very successful, on my arms after each showering to sooth the skin and ease the 'dry itching burning' feeling.

In October you gave me the Hand & Body Repair and asked me to compare it with the Skin Balm for effectiveness.

In the past I have tried various other lotions etc and although they achieved good results, I found that your skin balm gave better relief/comfort to my arms and hence I have remained using it.
I decided to use the Skin Balm on my left arm and the Hand & Body Repair on the right arm, applying 1 pump of lotion after each time I had showered and had used soap to wash my arms.
This testing period lasted for a month.

Firstly I noticed that the Hand & Body repair had a stronger and sweeter fragrance which appealed to my wife’s liking more, plus it seemed to last the life of container, whereas the Skin Balm fragrance seemed to disappear or lose its strength once the container had been put in use.

Each of the lotions gave equal amounts of relief in relieving the dry itching burning feeling post washing, although the Hand & Body repair felt smoother on application.

My conclusion is that both lotions gave an equal result in relieving the symptoms of irritation with the Hand Balm being smoother (creamier) to apply plus its fragrance lasted for the life of the container.

Thank you for allowing me to sample/test your products and I hope my report is of some value to you and others. Regards Barry

 20/11/2013 I was given your hand lotion for my 80th birthday and I love using it. I was trained by Dorothy Hall myself. I like the quality of your product. Kind regards,Janet    764
 7/11/2013 The last couple of years I have been using your products and I have benefited so much. I have even had a few colleagues interested and asking questions about my skin:-) Thanks again Gabby    763
 25/10/2013 Hi Jennifer, I bought a gift pack at the Royal Adelaide Show and have absolutely loved your products. I tried some last year too but never re-ordered anything. I am starting to get low now so couldn't bear to run out this time and can't get to any of the markets on the other side of town. Christine    762
 11/10/2013 Absolutely love your skin range, always feel so refreshed! Cheers Bron    761
 1/10/2013 Your scrub and creams are just wonderful. I had a wonderful shower this morning and am all scrubbed and smelling wonderful. The lavender and calendula cream will take away the arm scars from the roses. I am very excited, Ewa.    757
 1/10/2013 I'm so glad I came across your products at the show. The Rosacea cream has already helped change the appearance of my skin in such a short period of time. Thank you. Melissa.    756
 1/10/2013 Thank you for sending me the creams. I really appreciate your kindness. The products are beautiful. The presentation, the smell, the sensation on your skin. I have been doing battle with a skin condition for a couple of months now where my skin was allergic to everything. My skin is now in the repair phase, and I am able to use your creams without any adverse reaction. They feel very soothing. Thank you for sharing some with me. Julie    759
 1/10/2013 I visited Camellia Cottage at Hahndorf while I was in Adelaide and bought some samples. I have found your products to be the best I have ever used on my skin. All credit to you! Thanks,Aliza.    760
 1/10/2013 Your calendula oil is the most soothing product I have used on my skin rash. I told a friend about it and she was keen to try it too so I have ordered for both of us. Regards Margaret    758
 15/09/2013 Just wanted to let u know your 'Hand Repair' I bought at the Royal show has solved my hand eczema problem. In 2 days the itching has stopped and the skin is no longer painful and flaky. This is a condition I have had off and on for years and have not found a cream that has worked as quickly as this and not only has it stopped the problem the skin is healing very well. Thank you. Wally    755
 10/06/2013 I am very much enjoying using your products, and so nice to know they are lovely and fresh, I really appreciate the quality of your Skyezone products. Kind regards,Marina    404
 13/05/2013 I have bought your shampoo & conditioner from the Fullaton markets, just to try them because my hair was thinning. I use them every 2nd to 3rd day & so far my hair has stopped falling out as much. I have tried lots of products but yours have worked the best, so I am really pleased something is working for me. I love them. Regards Louise    403
 28/02/2013 Wow, what speedy delivery. Order one day, received the next. Missed Fullarton market and couldn't wait for next one. Love your products. Thanks again. Regards,Denise    402
 21/02/2013 Hi Jennifer, I bought a few items from you at the Royal Adelaide show last year. I am happy to say I love your products so here I am wanting more. Deb    401
 14/02/2013 I sat myself down at the table and opened up my little Australian treasure, donned my fragrant lip balm, and smelled the luscious neroli lotion. It was the best little Valentines gift that could have arrived in such a “timely” manner! Just goes to show you—you never know when the best surprises will suddenly appear in time to make your day special! Thanks again from a happy USA customer for your wonderful natural products that smell and feel great! Lenore    400
 20/01/2013 The Calendula Night cream is working well. My friend who had the scar after the operation is also very happy with it. Thanks Margaret.    397
 4/11/2012 Hi I bought hair care and body wash from you a month ago for my 7 year old daughter who has been suffering peri oral dermatitis for over a year. I decided to try all natural products as there are reports that some of the chemicals in other products eg soap constituents can cause this problem. Well in 4 weeks her skin has cleared with no new red spots. I was very close to taking her back to the dermatologist who haf no real solution for the problem. Thankyou    395
 1/09/2012 Just wanted to thank you very much for the extra lip balm and hand sanitizer. That was very nice of you!! I received order the very next day. I just love the orange body butter! Best Carol.    396
 27/08/2012 I just ordered a new batch of the Calendula face and eye cream and am trying the eye serum as well. The cream is amazing, for the first time in my life I am not breaking out in massive pimples around the hairline and my skin looks pretty darn good. Love the smell too and I get lots of compliments. Thanks Jen!    392
 6/08/2012 My wife and I bought your products in Hahndorf and really enjoy them. looking forward to ordering more. Thanks Dale.    389
 26/07/2012 Hello! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products, they are a pleasure to use and have a profound affect on my sin and general well being. All the best! Hazel    388
 28/06/2012 Hi Jennifer, the product arrived yesterday, all in good order. Thanks for the generous samples! I was expecting little pots or sachets so the ladies at work were wrapt with the little air pump bottles. One has already expressed interest in buying some when I make my next order (which I definitely will) and I'll see how the other goes. Like me, they both love the smell of the hand cream and the way it fully absorbs. Kind regards Raewyn in NZ.    387
 25/06/2012 Just want to give positive feedback: The Eye Lift Antioxidant Serum and Calendula Face and Eye Cream are absolutely divine! They smell beautiful, and feel luxurious. They keep my skin soft and hydrated, especially during winter. And it's so good to know they contain no harmful chemicals and preservatives. I have given your products as birthday presents to loved ones, and I know they love it as much as I do. Thanks so much. Looking forward to re-stocking very soon. Regards, Jeziel    386
 15/06/2012 I have been using Chemical Free products on my skin for more than a decade but I have never been 100% satisfied as they where made off shore. Then Skye Natural Skin Care products came into my life. They smell divine, are beautiful to use, Chemical Free and contain ingredients that feed your skin. But the extra bonus is that they are locally made and as an Artist, I love to support others creativity. All the best Jen, your range of products are sensational. See you at Fullarton market, Jen G'. http://artbyjeng.blogspot.com    385
 12/06/2012 I've just visited Hahndorf for a new jar of Calendula Face & Eye cream, having bought a small jar in November last year.  What a lovely, luxurious and exquisitely aromatic cream this is - I use it as a day moisturiser and just love the way it makes my skin feel and smell all day. Knowing there arent any artificial preservatives is a comfort, as I tend to react to such chemicals over time. I look forward to expanding my use of your products. Many thanks, Liz, Murray Bridge.    384
 1/06/2012 I was in Adelaide in March and found your stall at a market in the city. I have been using your products ever since and I LOVE them! I have never used a cleanser and found yours to make my skin so soft. My eyes used to swell up and water with almost every moisturiser I have ever used – except for yours! Alexis.    383
 18/03/2012 I recently purchased some of your products from Hahndorf, and I am very pleased with your skincare range. I have decided to order some more. Regards,Rebecca P.S. I love the dried Bananas    382
 18/03/2012 I really love your products, especially the Calendula Night creme with neroli. Apparently neroli is a nerve tonic. It seems to be working well for me on night duty, because I find it very uplifting. The combination you use in this slightly heavier night creme is particularly lovely - a combination that I dont think I will ever get tired of. Meredith.    380
 15/02/2012 I have been using your insect repellent on the whole family and it has proved to be very successful at deterring mosquitoes. I hope to catch up with you and wish to purchase several bottles. Regards Claire    378
 15/02/2012 Dear Jen,I thought you might like this little story! My daughter and I visited a new playground recently and there was some revolting graffiti written in thick, black texta on the equipment. I didn’t want my daughter reading it so I squirted a bit of the hand sanitiser on a tissue and it came right off without a trace! I then tried it on our white board where the kids had used a permanent texta by mistake and same thing, nice and clean. Just wanted to share that with you. Take care.xx Sheralee    377
 15/02/2012 Just a line to say how much I LOVE using the products I bought from you. I'm going through the rugged process of separation and they are soothing my soul. With my appreciation. Cecily    376
 15/02/2012 I used the scrub, face, and eye cream last night and it is so so beautiful. I so love the fragrances in your products. They are so uplifting. You are very talented with what you have created... Thank you! Kyrie.    374
 15/02/2012 I have found your Skin Balm the best thing for my skin. I get eczema on my hands and as my hands are frequently in water,( from water quality testing) my hands are dry and cracked. Skyezone’s skin balm is the only thing that could make the eczema disappear!! Thanks so much for making such an awesome product. I have not had the results like this with any commercial product! Callie    373
 10/08/2011 Thank you so much for the very fast delivery and little bonus surprises in there. Absolutely loving the products so good! Thanks again Allison    372
 27/07/2011 I bought some Grump Blokes moisturiser last year. It took a while to use up the cream but I love it. John    371
 23/06/2011 Jen, your neroli moisturizing cream (Restore Serum) is just the best, and did everything that it was supposed to do according to aromatherapy lore, which is quite something. I did some research on neroli, and found a really lovely article which I would like to refer you to. It is on a web site called Floracopedia 'essential oils and aromatic treasures'. The writer seems to think it is the antidote for a lot of the aggravations in modern society. As an example he says "the effects of neroli on emotional well-being can be compared to the nourishing, soothing, and revitalizing effects of Mediterranean sunshine. For those who cannot escape their troubles and flee to a Greek isle or an Italian villa, enveloping oneself in neroli's blessed aura is the next best thing...." The whole article puts things into a more grounded context, and is beautifully written. Anyway, hope to see you at Fullarton market next week. Cheers, Meredith    370
 22/06/2011 I bought your serum and night cream at the Sunday market in Adelaide in February and find it wonderful for my dry, sensitive skin. Barbara UK.    368
 22/06/2011 Just thought, I’d add my comment. Came home and cleansed my skin with your scrub and followed with the moisturiser. I just love the scent, how uplifting and refreshing! My skin feels “clothed”, smooth and protected, thank you and I am sure you will see me more often! Eva    369
 14/06/2011 I love your products and very glad I can just order them where ever we are. Lesley    367
 6/06/2011 I bought your skincare products at the Adelaide CBD markets about six weeks ago. I had been in Adelaide from Brisbane, visiting my daughter who also bought your skincare products at the market. As I bought quite a lot of your products to bring back to Brisbane, you asked me to email you and tell you whether I was happy with your products. I gave two gift packs to two of my daughters and they are really happy with the results. The one in Adelaide is also very pleased with the results she is getting and intends to come back into the market to refresh her supplies. To date, I have been using the hand cream for sensitive skin and it has been helping reduce my eczema. I bought the anti-cellulite brush from the Body Shop as you recommended and have been using your anti-cellulite oil with this brush. I have definitely noticed an improvement in the top of my legs. I am so grateful for your suggestions. I haven't used your toner, day cream or night cream yet as I am still using up my other products. But I am looking forward to using your skin care range as I have no doubt I will love it. I will contact you again when I need to top up my supplies. A very satisfied customer. Regards Norelle    366
 6/06/2011 It was lovely to meet you the other weekend, and I have been using all of the lotions and potions that we picked up from you in Adelaide, and loving them! Tan    365
 23/01/2011 Met you early at East End Market this morning. Liked the products on the spot, and the authenticity and integrity you communicated in showing them to me.
I went from our conversation to my Quaker meeting, where our practice is an hour of silent contemplation. I found the gentle waft of Skyeguard very helpful – perhaps a new back label as “Meditation Aid”!
The products I purchased for my partner were gleefully received, sampled, and appreciated. As was the accompanying glass of Mint Julip.
We are both looking forward to exploring more of your range. Thanks Drew.
 17/01/2011 Hi, I am an Asthma sufferer. I develop an asthma related cough which starts with a tickle in the throat then produces a lot of phlegm and I can end up vomiting. In my line of work I visit people in their homes. In these varied environments you cannot control the trigger to asthma. When I develop this cough I find that taking a Horehound toffee stops the symptoms almost immediately. Thank you so much Jennifer. Kind regards. Sam    363
 29/11/2010 I have been using the Skye Natural Skin Care range for a few years now and am still delighted at its performance. In fact the Skyegard insect repellent is a must as not only does it keep insects away on human skin I also use it on my dog. I regularly spray my dog's bedding and the dog with the Skyegard Repellent to help with keeping his skin free from flee infestation and have been finding it works! I also have found that my dog is not getting the skin allergies that he was prone to, particularly, in the Spring and summer months of the year where allergies are most prevalent. Silvana    362
 24/11/2010 I love your products!!! A friend gave me a basket of them for my birthday and now I am planning to give some as Christmas Presents. Cheers Robyne.    361
 24/11/2010 I have been using your insect repellent on the whole family and it has proved to be very successful at deterring mosquitoes. I wish to catch you at the next Uraidla market and purchase several bottles. Regards Claire    360
 12/10/2010 Your lip balm is a pure pleasure to use; all the popular brands (and I've tried them all) are hard and waxy and taste artificially flavored. The Cool Lime balm is smooth and viscous and absorbs so cleanly, with the most pleasant flavor I've ever spread on my lips. Joel    359
 9/08/2010 I am ordering some things for my parents as my Dad is suffering from bad sinus problems. I also must mention the Serenity oil is great. I use it at nights when I have trouble falling asleep, and then have a great night sleep. The Feeling Sore lotion is also good. I was having problems with my hand from an old work injury. The pain is mostly in winter all the time, but after using the 'Feeling Sore' for a couple of days the pain has gone. Thanks Sharon.    358
 16/07/2010 Well I must say I love your Facial Restore Serum and have had many comments on my skin. The second day that I used it I had a friend say that I looked alot younger, and I was at a course earlier this week and we all mentioned our names and when they found out that I was 39 they were all shocked. The night eye and face cream is really nice and your Shampoo / Conditioner and Hair Styling cream is excellent, I have fine hair so the styling cream works really well. I will definitely be buying more products from you! Tania.    357
 4/07/2010 Just a note to say thank you for presenting your products at our nursing home yesterday. You had such a beautiful way with the residents. I can't speak highly enough of your demonstration and products. We would love you to come back sometime. Sarah. B.    356
 25/02/2010 You only need a little bit to be effective and it goes such a long way! Kylie    355
 13/02/2010 I suffer from a underactive Thyroid and a side effect is exteremly dry skin, espicially on my face. I have tried your Restore Facial Serum (having tried dozens in the past without satisfaction) and it's brilliant. Finally a product that offers hours of relief/skin nutrition without having the bath it!!! As per your instructions...3 to 4 drops and the job's done for the day. I will be back for more, now what other product do you have for me... Greg    353
 9/02/2010 Take it from me - Jen's Nailguard is great. For the first time in over twenty years my nails need to be cut - no more splitting or chipping. Nothing else has worked. And I'm not saying that because she's my next door neighbour! Helen    354
 14/01/2010 I’m enjoying using the extensive range of natural Skyezone products, which are made with knowledge, care and dedication by the wonderful Jen. I particularly like the calendula cream. I use that for both day and night and find it softens and nourishes my dry skin. Similarly I appreciate the qualities of the healing balm, which I use for my dry lips. I now use no other skin products than those from Skyezone. Janeen    285
 9/12/2009 That BarePassion lubricant. OH MY!!! The best sex I've ever had!!! Thanks for making me smile. Annie    219
 26/11/2009 They are good products that last a long time as you only use a tiny bit. I will definitely keep referring people to your products. Mel    218
 23/09/2009 My neice loved the products! She was thanking me for bits I didn't know were there! The eye serum is just lovely and I look forward to sending in my next order. Sam    217
 13/09/2009 After years of trying all the products on the market and in my fridge, I have finally found 'Eve' thrush guard which really works. I am also amazed at how good my skin feels after using the calendula night cream. I have told all my friends and will be recommending you to any pregnant women who are having a battle with the dreaded thrush. Thank you so much Jennifer. Cate (middle-aged midwife!!!)    216
 12/06/2009 I am Gaines friend from Herndon, Ky. Do you ship your products to the US? I just love your products and would like to get some more. Thanks, Glenda    215
 9/06/2009 Since being introduced to the products love them. All natural no testing on animals is a big seller for me, also very affordable. Buying Christmas presents will be easy this year. Love the cleanser, masks, scrubs and moisturisers. The foot oil is great for sore and tired feet. Will be trying some more products in the future. Sharon Cheadle    213
 22/05/2009 Thank you for introducing us to your wonderful products. Everything I have tried I love, & very, very economical. I feel such a sense of purity & relaxation in a "homey" natural way. Love it all - thanks again, Simone    113
 22/05/2009 I feel very lucky to have been able to happen upon Jen's products through a friend of mine. Her skin was always so smooth and clear, so I asked what she used. Since then I think I have tried nearly all of Skyezones products and are a regular satisfied customer (and eagerly await her new creations). My favourites are the Summer Silk Scrub, Lime Clay Mask, Calandula Night Cream, Serenity Oil and Trim Tone. When you apply them they just ""feel right"". You can see they are made with care and attention, and that is what makes her products work so well I think. My skin is clear, fresh looking and healthy, and I truly believe it is the Skyezone products that have helped make that happen. Thank You Very Much Jen, I look late twenties now instead of forty. Teshia Henrichs Massage/Beauty Therapist    214
 22/05/2009 I feel very privileged to have come to know Jen over the past few years. Needless to say that she is not only a very special lady but indeed a very talented lady and her skin products are proof of just that! Since I have been introduced to her wonderful skin products I have not looked back, they are a very natural product that leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple. I have, quite truthfully, had many comments on how good my skin is looking and I always refer them back to Skyezone Skin Products. So thank you Jen for sharing your great Products with us. Silvana.    211
 22/05/2009 The absolute best favour my accountant did for me was to buy me a gift pack of skyezone products. Apart from the price, the thing I love most is the smell. All the products have a wonderful invigorating smell.So natural. My daughter is in love with the mask, and my mother-in-law is taking gift packs off to Greece shortly. The insect repellant is terrific on animals also, I have a favourite dog in Queensland who suffered from insect bites, but now is a "different dog", relaxed and happy!! Great work Jen. Gill and Jo Vass    210
 22/05/2009 Pure, clean, fresh skin... what more can be said. Since using Jen's Skyezone products I haven't looked back. I have tried almost the entire range and love all of them. No more drying out of the skin. I will not use anything else now and will continue to use Skyezone as long as Jen keeps making it. Thank you for wonderful low cost products that really make a differnce to my skin. Liz Milter - happy customer    114
 25/04/2009 When I am using Skyezone products, first of all there is the feel, followed by the smell and I always think that these products are made in heaven. They are divine in that most ingredients have been home grown, then cooked and blended with love. I believe this gets passed on in the energy of the products. I am particular what I put onto my skin as I am very aware that everything absorbs through the skin into the blood stream. It is reassuring knowing these products are chemical free and harmless to my health. Mary Thompson    212